For Immediate Release: DATE – October 4, 2019


A class action for former residents of the Newfoundland Training Schools who were sexually abused was certified by the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador. The application for certification was filed by lawyers for Morris Martin Moore on behalf of three Representative Plaintiffs (Jane Doe #7, John Doe #9, and John Doe #11) who were all abused as children or youths in the Girls’ and Boys’ Homes in Pleasantville, Whitbourne and Waterford Bridge Road. The Government of NL consented to the application for certification.

“Certification” means that the case will proceed as a class action. It is a major procedural hurdle. The decision certifying the class action approves the litigation plan put forward by the lawyers at Morris Martin Moore.

The sexual abuses were committed by employees, priests and sometimes older children. There is a wide range of activity that falls under the rubric of sexual abuse including: molestation, rape, beatings while naked, and detention while naked.

Lawyer Lynn Moore says “We are very pleased that this case was certified as a class action. Many children were subjected to unspeakable cruelty in institutions that were supposed to protect and educate them. While we can never undo the harm or take away the pain, we are one step closer to getting compensation for these people”.

The next step in the litigation is getting the message out to people who were in the training schools about the class action – this is called “noticing”. Once the notice period is up, the case will move on to either trial or settlement.

Media availability will be held at the offices of Morris Martin Moore, 184 Park Avenue, Mount Pearl, Monday, October 7, 2019 at 10:30 am Newfoundland Time Zone.